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Organizations are global and workforce is more diverse than ever before. Not to mention, there is a plethora of technological distractions around them.

No call no show - how should a manager deal with this?

New managers, and sometimes even old warhorses, are at a loss about how to get the most out of their employees. Some managers prefer to be relatively laidback; others choose a more autocratic approach. There are a host of different styles of managers but they can broadly be classified into two distinct styles, hands-on and hands-off.

A hands-on manager is actively involved in some work that is similar to that of his employees. He is never completely detached from the day-to-day needs and operations of the business. A hands-on manager will take time out to coach his team and associates and is actively invested in their progress. He spends time interacting directly with the employees and collaborating on projects. These managers are constantly on the perimeter of things happening in the office, if not smack in the middle.

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They are like the coach of a sports team, showing, observing and shaping their employees in the way best suited for their organization. An ideal hands-on manager is well aware of the difference between teaching, training and coaching.

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  7. He has an acute understanding of how to tailor employee development for each level of the corporate ladder. For ideal application of this management style, the manager needs to effectively train the trainers. The team leaders need to be advised to support, reinforce and contribute in the efforts of the employees. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The number sounds good, but more to the point our GP Gross Profit is up where it should be. Our accountant rang last week, shriek , he has just completed last years tax for us. Neridah and I attribute this to your time and persistence with us.

    Thank you. The professional Executive Coaching that you have provided to me has been instrumental in both my personal and professional development and I can say without hesitation that your contributions have greatly shaped and aided my achievements of the organisations that I have worked for.

    Hs ability to deliver an individually tailored solution to any business challenge we presented him with has been an asset to our organisation. He was able to develop a unique understanding of the project brief and deliver a professional outcome that often exceeded our expectations. As a leader of an organisation employing approximately staff and caring for over clients I benefited greatly from his expert and professional guidance.

    With Phil facilitating the process it ensured a quality process as he kept our business planning team on track and provided clear direction. Phil provided a very much needed sounding board as his past experiences allowed him to look at the issues pragmatically, making our team look at real issues both from left of field and right in front of us, that are often too easily missed.

    I now feel in control of my business and feel confident I can succeed with growing my business and opening another store. I have learnt that I know a very small portion of what I need to know and that this is the biggest threat to my financial security Thanks Phil. The diversity of these assignments for NORTEC is testament to both his effectiveness and broad base of knowledge and experience he offers his clients.

    Find us on Welcome to. Our Vision is That's when people see you as an island in the storm. A person to go to for peaceful resolutions of crises. In other words, a true hands-off manager who gets results from a relaxed, enthused, and highly productive team. The hands-off approach allows you to learn to take your power back and live in a world of quiet action and non-judgment.

    If you do this, you'll soon be living with an open mind, forgiving effortlessly and taking back control of your energy and enthusiasm for doing great work. Discovering your natural gifts and learning your true nature is not about learning how to force yourself upon your team. It's about allowing success to emerge from within you, and then from inside others.

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    It's an inside job. And once you see that all real power comes from the inside, you can start to become powerful. There is a story about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart that illustrates what we mean. A young would-be composer wrote to Mozart, asking advice about how to compose a symphony. Mozart responded that a symphony was a complex and demanding musical form, and that it would be better to start with something simpler.

    The young man protested: "But Herr Mozart, you wrote symphonies when you were younger than I am now! Mozart's point was that he simply let the symphonies emerge from within him. He didn't have to figure out how to force something outside him to work. Duane has a saying he uses at work, although it doesn't apply only to work; it applies to life in general. His saying is, "Find them, don't fix them. It also applies to finding the right people for the job, people whose natural skills and interests align with the work you are asking them to do.

    The Hands-Off Manager: When You Let Go, You Actually Take Control

    When they do what they love the success will follow. Once you know what they love to do and help them do it, they'll do it for you all day long. Keep finding ways to match their talents with the tasks ahead. Find them, don't fix them. And there will always be employees for whom you don't find a good job match.

    Nothing seems to make them happy. Soon, you know in your heart they aren't a fit for the team you have. Old-school managers have a hard time dealing with this realization. They keep trying to fix things. They keep trying to fix people.

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    They go through endless inept exercises to try to find ways to motivate mismatched employees to get them to do what they really don't want to, and are not interested in or excited about doing. They try to find ways to make them change themselves into someone they are not. This is a waste of everyone's energy! Our hands-off manager's commitment to finding how our people can fit rather than fixing people who don't fit has been the central factor in the success of teams. Take the case of Barry. Barry was so stressed by his financial debts at home that he pushed hard for a sales management position early in his employment, and got it.

    Barry was very persuasive and a crafty communicator. However, Barry simply did not enjoy the responsibilities of leadership. He was easily frustrated with salespeople who didn't have his natural love of cold-calling and meeting new people. Even though he tried to learn our principles of coaching success instead of forcing it on people, he was still unhappy, and the results showed it. We finally identified the mismatch and convinced the CEO, Glenda, not to keep trying to "fix" Barry with leadership training and negative performance reports.

    We asked that Glenda "find" Barry — the real Barry, the true, natural salesperson wanting but not being allowed to emerge. Finally Glenda saw the light and repositioned Barry as a senior major account salesperson and turned him loose in the field where Barry loved to be. After four months, Barry's commissions were enormous, and he was able to settle all his financial crises at home while loving the job he was doing.

    Glenda had just taken her hands off Barry's natural inclination to succeed. And this powerfully effective "find them, don't fix them" approach also applies to us as individuals.

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    We benefit when we continue finding out who we are and letting that discovery manifest in the outside world, rather than trying to fix ourselves. This book is dedicated to him. One of his sayings is "You never overcome anything. You can't make it go away. However, over time, if you choose to, you can simply defuse and dismiss it and go another way.

    You can follow another path so that the memory loses all its power over you. When leaders are bold and decisive throughout the day, they often make mistakes and bad calls. It's part of being in action. It's a big part of courage. George Patton used to say that an average plan executed right now is far more effective than a great plan that takes a long time to decide to put into action.

    A hands-off leader can just release a mistake and let go of it. And while it doesn't disappear, it simply becomes old news.