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Kumazawa Hiroyuki, Sano's estranged uncle, comes to him for help after the major's year-old daughter, Chiyo, disappears. The detective-turned-politician manages to find Chiyo, but not before she has been violated.

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The search for her assailant becomes more complicated once word reaches Sano that Chiyo was the third in a series of victims, following an elderly nun and a powerful gangster's teenage daughter. Established fans will be pleased by how Rowland has developed Sano's son, Masahiro, along with other secondary characters they have become attached to, while newcomers should find the people, plot and early 18th-century Japanese setting hard to resist.

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Sano seems cursed never to be truly happy, as he constantly struggles between the two extremes. Now, these could be just those type of mystery novels you read by day and forget until the night. Rowland really did a good job here, without creating false pastiche or cheap emotional hits, but making a world which might very well be the one Japanese inhabited two centuries ago. And it seems almost unbelievable that she visited Japan only once, and learned about Japan from movies and books, like most of us.

The Cloud Pavilion (Sano Ichiro Series #14)

However, it did not bother Karl May to write Winnetou before he came anywhere near American soil, so why should it bother Rowland? You want a mystery? You want complex character? You want to be transported to some other time where important values were more respected, but people struggled to keep up with them in the complexity of a changing world?

Pay attention and you just might get something out of it.

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