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Some hold this up as the best magic book of all time, and if that's true, the bar in this field is not high. This book brings up some fascinating subjects, although it sometimes wallows in the basics for pages on end. John Wooden, the famed college basketball coach, famously led his teams to national championships by going back to basics, and there is something to be said for this with Tommy Wonder's approach. However, for the m This is clearly an excellent book, although by no means infallible.

However, for the most part, there were some stretches where I, a year professional magician, was bored. And skipped. Of course, Wonder is famous for going to extreme lengths to achieve his effects, and the second book which I read here contains some of those effects, most notably, the Watch in Nest of Boxes. Wonder goes to such ridiculous lengths to construct a Rube Goldberg device to solve one nearly undetectable flaw in this trick that it has become, in many people's minds, The Apotheosis of Impractical Tricks.

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Nobody that I know has ever built one of these contraptions, because it would take months and even years. There is nothing you can buy off the shelf to buy this monster. And after it's all built, it won't even be a perfect solution.


Wonder himself confesses in this book that in creating solutions to this so-called "problem," he has created other problems that make the trick unworkable. He might have spent his time more wisely by widening his repertoire instead of deepening it into a Marianas Trench.

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Still, some of Wonder's work is fabulous, tops, the best. In fact, I believe that the key to reading Wonder is in picking and choosing. You must choose the best stuff and throw away all the ridiculous stuff. That's what I've done with both his Ambitious Card routine and his Wild Card routine, and they work for me wonderfully.

Books of Wonder by Tommy Wonder Review

Some of his theoretical work on belief and conviction is interesting, but once again, he creates a rut for himself by thinking deeply rather than broadly. He picks apart in minute detail the difference between belief and conviction, but ignores completely the variability between spectators' responses. After all, not every spectator in a given audience believes a trick in exactly the same way. It is that graph of believability within audiences that intrigues me as a working pro, and I will write about that in my own book, when the times comes. This book is well worth reading, to be sure, and at times, it has made me think more deeply about magic in a way that matters, even if it has sometimes made me think more deeply in a way that will never matter.

It should come as no surprise that the effects and routines taught within The Books of Wonder are of the highest standard.

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Some magic books ONLY teach you purely routines and technicalities. This is made even more evident when you take into account the fact that there are TWO books in this series—so double the content to choose from! To conclude, I would highly recommend picking up a copy of The Books of Wonder while you can. These books are full of not only incredible magic effects, but the invaluable thinking behind them—straight from the mind of Tommy Wonder. It seems quite a few online magic shops have recently had a restock of them; so for the time being you can get one without all the difficulty I talked about earlier.

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Your email address will not be published. What if this one is different? I want to show you the secret behind my favourite magic trick Do they live up to the high praise? Tommy Wonder It would be next to impossible and downright crazy to talk about the Books of Wonder without dedicating some time to talking about the mastermind behind them…Tommy Wonder. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Posted: Jan 23, pm. These two books are laden with highly perceptive insights and very clever thinking regarding the craft of magic.

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  • As previously metioned, the routines are so well thought through, you will learn much and hopefully apply the learning to your own performance. These are not books to simply skim through and then shelve, but sources you will refer to again and again.

    Above all, they will encourage you to analyse what you do and guide you in how to do it even better. Thanks very much for the honest opinions. It seems that this book is truly a classic I must confess I had not heard of it before , even though it may be a bit impractical for tricks. I'll definitely add it to 'column B' of my shortlist. Thanks again. Yes the tricks themselves are not incredibly usefull but the book is one of the best reading in the magic book world. I read one page of this set and bought it instantaniously.

    I have to agree that the tricks explained in the book are not overly practical for your average magician.

    However, his writing on Misdirection and his work on the Cups and Balls are well worth the price of the books. I got these books back when I had a regular table-hopping gig at a local restaurant.

    I tried to apply some of his philosophies on misdirection, and immediately noticed a positive increase in my spectator's reactions! Turn your business card into a relentless salesperson that brings you business! Hey do these insights on misdirection etc. Quote: On , Maxim wrote: Hey do these insights on misdirection etc. There are some very practical routines in his books. The card in the ringbox, and his Cups and Balls to name two. I've made my set of his Cups and Balls at least 15 years ago, and they are still going. There are definately some wonderful things to build in them.

    I personally love the challenge they provide.

    The Age of Wonder

    His version of the Wildcard is "THE" version in my opinion, although I haven't made one up yet, but to see him do it is a thing of wonder. The Essays are even better! The catalogue is notorious for foreshadowings--by placing the up-and-comings into a photo collage--usually interspersed throughout. Let's hope so, because his Cups and Balls is on it. Posted: Jan 24, am. I own over books on magic.

    These two are on my short list of those that I would never give up if I went bankrupt and really needed the money. The tricks themselves are the least important part of the books, although, as has been stated, there are a number of very useful and practical routines. It all depends on what your goals are. If you want to be "a guy who knows how to do a few tricks," these books are not for you. If you are a magician who wants to be an exceptional, entertaining performer, you can scarvely go without them.