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Manage project access IAM. Firebase predefined roles. Prototype and test with Emulator Suite. Use an extension in your project. Realtime Database. Usage and Performance. Cloud Firestore. Understand Cloud Firestore. Add and manage data. Read data. Secure and validate data. Usage, limits, and pricing.

Cloud Firestore integrations. API reference.

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Serve dynamic content and host microservices. Cloud Functions. Call functions directly. Trigger background functions. Write functions. Test functions. Monitor functions. API Reference. ML Kit.

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Recognize text. Detect faces. Scan barcodes. Label images. Detect and track objects.

Recognize landmarks. AutoML Vision Edge. Label images with your models. Natural Language. Identify the language of text. Translate text. Generate smart replies.

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Custom Models. Use a custom model. Use a custom TensorFlow Lite build. Advanced Topics. Prepare for Production.

Reduce app package size. Protect your Cloud credentials.

Firebase Security Rules. Understand Security Rules. Write Security Rules. Many higher education schools are buying Read and Write site licenses for their entire campus, so that all students can utilize the power of this software. Anyone can use our system to learn at their own pace at home. It empowers them to read, write and learn on their own.

Features in our advanced systems allow them to dictate their assignments into the computer, and use the word prediction when composing to help them find the exact word and meaning they are looking for. Dyslexia: These students get added benefits from the writing features of the software.

People of all ages enjoy the benefits of our systems at college and in the work place. The most popular features of the advanced systems are word prediction and the homonym checker.

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ESL: Imagine if you were a non-English-speaking student and you had a program that would not only read highlighted words out loud to you, but also display the definition of the word with a simple click of the mouse. Vocational Rehabilitation: Reading and writing assistance for home or work. Many government, private, and non-profit vocational assistance agencies are discovering the value of our systems for their clients.

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Solutions and Applications School - Home or Work Imagine you or your student needs assistance with reading or writing. Institute to Explore Dyslexia and the K-5 Reading Workshop During this unique mini-institute, we will be joined by experts from The Child Mind Institute to discuss the latest research about serving students with dyslexia.

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