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This is a strong willed, well-told tale that melds the two genres of its theme into a cohesive story of family, love, angst, honor, and duty.

My only critique of the book is that a story of this standing and caliber deserves far better formatting and editing than is provided in the current edition from Forgotten Books. Btu that having been said, it is a true joy as a writer and a reader, to explore, even in its diminished form, writing that delivers art and wonder in equal measure:. Claude lay still, his arms under his head, looking up at the hard, polished blue sky, watching the flocks of crows go over from fields where they fed on shattered grain, to their nests in the trees along Lovely Creek.

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He was thinking about what Dan had said while they were hitching up. There was a great deal of truth in it, certainly.

It was strange that in all the centuries the world had been going, the question of property had not been better adjusted. I am not a huge eBook fan, preferring to consider my prose in the old fashioned way, but I have read both the Kindle version and the trade paperback version of One of Ours.

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This Review originally appeared on the Rural Lit R. This book holds up well across time. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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One of Ours: A Review. June 10, Author Mark. Posted in Books.

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Willa Cather was probably born in Virginia in , although her parents did not register the date, and it is probably incorrectly given on her tombstone. Because she is so famous for her Nebraska novels, many people assume she was born there, but Willa Cather was about nine years old when her family moved to a small Nebraska frontier town called Red Cloud that was populated by immigrant Swedes, Bohemians, Germans, Poles, Czechs, and Russians.

One of ours

The oldest of seven children, she was educated at home, studied Latin with a neighbor, and read the English classics in the evening. After graduation she worked for a Lincoln, Nebraska, newspaper, then moved to Pittsburgh and finally to New York City.

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After meeting the author Sarah Orne Jewett, she decided to quit journalism and devote herself full time to fiction. But her place in American literature was established with her first Nebraska novel, O Pioneers! In she won the Pulitzer Prize for one of her lesser-known books, One of Ours. Death Comes for the Archbishop , her masterpiece, and Shadows on the Rock also celebrated the pioneer spirit, but in the Southwest and French Canada.

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