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Intermediate results of independent interest include upper bounds of different versions of P. Jones's -numbers in terms of integral Menger curvature without assuming lower Ahlfors regularity, in contrast to the results of Lerman and Whitehouse [Constr. References [Enhancements On Off] What's this?

Adams and John J. Fournier , Sobolev spaces , 2nd ed. MR [6] James J. MR [7] Lawrence C. Evans and Ronald F. MR [8] K. Falconer , The geometry of fractal sets , Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics, vol. MR [10] Michael H. Jones , Rectifiable sets and the traveling salesman problem , Invent.

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Jones , The traveling salesman problem and harmonic analysis , Publ. Conference on Mathematical Analysis El Escorial, Tyler Whitehouse , High-dimensional Menger-type curvatures. Part I: Geometric multipoles and multiscale inequalities , Rev. Fractals and rectifiability.

This text can be used for a topics course or seminar in complex analysis. To understand it, the reader should have a firm grasp of basic real and complex analysis. Probability and Measure.

Vitushkin's Conjecture for Removable Sets

Patrick Billingsley. Elementary Number Theory. Underwood Dudley. Elementary Real and Complex Analysis. Georgi E. Real and Convex Analysis.

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