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During a journalism seminar, for instance, we discussed not only how to write a story, but also the mechanics of emailing people you want to interview. Or, during a rant … I mean, lecture … about the rise of mass media in the twentieth century, I mentioned, as an aside, a book from which I pulled a lot of information.

In it, Matt Hern writes:.

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I am not against all forms of teaching. It is a privilege and a joy to help someone do something he or she has freely chosen to do, provided that we are invited to help. Reading that in my thirties reminded me again of that band, and how I learned the art of paying knowledge forward. One time, I avoided reaching out to someone at a music school after the guitarist recommended I speak to him.

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In both these cases, those guys set me up with little nuggets of knowledge that, arguably, changed the way I do things today. The guitarist told me not to worry so much about the email. Just keep it short and sweet, he said. The bassist responded similarly: No reason to worry.

Book TV: James Patterson on the Importance of Independent Reading in Our Schools

Today, both these ideas seem dirt simple to me. But when I was 23, they were major paradigm shifts.

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But they did. What I took away from those exchanges, more than anything else, was how easy it is to pay knowledge forward, and how impactful that small effort can be. And, recently, that came full circle for me.

The book is co-authored with Am Johal and features cartoons and drawings by Joe Sacco. The book charts multiple trips through the tar sands of northern Alberta and affected Indigenous communities. Running parallel to his scholarship and writing, Hern has a long history of founding and directing community institutions. These include alternative community schools, youth centres, youth exchanges and a solidarity-economy incubator. Currently Hern is directing a new project he has co-founded: Solid State Industries, a creative production co-operative and creative hub with newcomer and racialized migrant youth.

The International Journal of Illich Studies

The project derives inspiration from co-operative and autonomist movements, and is building a network of youth run and owned workers co-operatives. Hern has also founded a number of other community projects and initiatives, the best-known of which is Car-Free Day Vancouver.

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