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Once you find the forum, you need to become a member. I recommend leaving at least 20 to 30 high-value comments before any self-promotion. Kristi Hines gives some great tips on forum marketing in her guide on Hiveage. Quora is a place for anyone to ask anything. Anyone can go and leave an answer. Steve Curtin, an influencer we worked with, answered it for me.

See how all this stuff is so connected? Buffer wrote a super helpful guide to Quora marketing. Check it out for more details. I briefly mentioned Facebook groups in the section on social media, but I wanted to talk about them more. Social media groups, like those on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus, are an amazing way to drive highly targeted traffic. The new visitors I got from one post proves that. Join any relevant ones.

Become a loved member of the community. Once the group members know your face and like you, then you can share your own posts. Building one really is a must when starting a blog. In the blogging world, people follow people who they know, like, and trust.

Why Start a Blog?

When someone looks at your about page, what do you want them to see? A crappy page put together as an afterthought, or one built to draw users into your personal or brand story? Check out this guide on how to create an about section for your site. The one I mentioned in section 6. It resulted in people reached and 47 link clicks. The simplest way to monetize your traffic is to lead the ads to a blog post with a really strong content upgrade. That upgrade will get them on our email list, at which point you can put them through an onboarding campaign and eventually sell them on your affiliate links or products.

One of the easiest ways to increase time on page is by adding video content. Besides, not as many people are using videos on their blog posts.

See a Problem?

In fact, your smartphone is more than enough. Well, getting a tripod and an external mic can help boost the quality.

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Finally, the last option is to hire someone to create a video for you. You can find video creators on Fiverr or People Per Hour. Colin Newcomer Freelance writer. Helps clients grow their web visibility by writing primarily about digital marketing, WordPress, and B2B topics. By trying to appeal to everybody, you really just end up appealing to nobody OK, nobody is a bit hyperbolic…but you get the point. Are swear words part of your personality? Then swear on your blog! Can you imagine if Mark tried to be some straight-laced personal help blogger?

It had such an impact on me because I immediately knew that I was guilty. Now, I try to speak with readers, not at them. If you want people to engage with your blog, you should do the same. But as your blog ages, two things start happening:. When that starts happening, it helps to have a plan.

Your editorial calendar is basically your entire content plan, from topic ideation all the way through to promotion. Otherwise, CoSchedule is one of the most popular editorial calendar services. No one likes doing maintenance. Well, while it might not do any of those things, maintenance prevents everything you built from crashing down around you….

What is a Blog? – The Definition of Blog, Blogging, and Blogger

Just recently, hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites were hacked as a result of a vulnerability that was actually patched before it was discovered by hackers. A little of routine maintenance now will prevent big problems from happening later. Tomasz Tunguz found that recirculating old content still garnered significant engagement numbers. While the numbers were never as large as when first shared, the reshared content still got enough interaction to make it worthwhile:.

Charts by Visualizer Lite. Thankfully, you can put this whole process on autopilot with Revive Old Post one of our tools. I might catch some flak for this one. Both those things mean worse performance and more chances for things to break. If you want some more specific advice, we have posts on how to choose a WordPress theme as well as whether you should go with a free or premium theme.

Bloggers (and Vloggers): Tips, Tools and Strategies |

This is one of my favorite strategies because it helps you both come up with topics and keywords in one fell swoop. Copyblogger has a great resource on how to write headlines that work. And you can also get some more data-focused insights like:. You can even use a plugin like Title Experiments to test multiple headlines against one another and find out which performs the best. Then, as you start to get a little bit of traffic, someone actually uses your form and sends you a message.

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Then your blog keeps growing and suddenly you find yourself inundated with a deluge of messages, many of which ask the same thing. But guess what?

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I switched contact form plugins on my site and, soon after, started noticing a drop in messages this was my portfolio site — so the messages were important. Naturally, my first instinct was to check for a problem with my contact form plugin. Eh, not quite. There was a problem, but it was a caching issue. Because I tested my form plugin via my admin account which was excluded from seeing cached pages , I never ran into the issue in my testing. That is, at least use incognito mode. Wasting your effort because of non-working pages sucks…but a little bit of testing can prevent that from happening.

As YouTube demonstrates, though, angry comments are just a fact of putting yourself out there on the Internet. You need to develop thick skin. Most of the time, these comments are just angry people hiding behind anonymity. Occasionally, you will get a comment with a legitimate gripe that you should address.