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Goscinny gets as much credit as he does because you can compare what he did with Asterix to the kind of work he did with Lucky Luke and Iznogoud and see the connective tissues there. Uderzo never really did anything else after Asterix started. His earlier work was far too early in his career to judge him by, though people seem to have a soft spot for the Native American character he did. And Uderzo seems fairly reticent to talk about it all.

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I wish there was a tell-all interview somewhere with him, and one with Goscinny, as well. So much of that stuff is so far in the past now, also, that Uderzo would not necessarily be a reliable narrator anymore. My theory — and I plan on writing something up about this at the end of The Asterix Agenda — is just that Uderzo felt a lot of that pressure of doing the book by himself and it caused him to second guess himself and some of his natural instincts.

And there was nobody around him to tell him no. There are likely Asterix scholars in French who know far better than I…. So And the Actress is a clear step up on the last two but it still has significent problems, all be it not as offensive as those two, not even close thank Toutatis. Still big problems, which is a shame as the general idea is good. I like the potential generated by Astronomix and Obeliscoidix being emprisoned. That should surely generate some tension.

They feel under used and superflous. Fun is had but here they fall flatly into the sterotype of pantermine villians. Ultimately the problem with this story is emphatically found in the dolphin scene and not for the reason Augie quite rightly identifies. I mean it is a bit weird. I mean I like a dolphin as much as the next man well unless the next man is Uderzo it would seem but really why?

The whole at sea bit could have been tacked on just to get the pirates in there… now hold on if you have the pirates in there does that provide a better solution than the random aquatic mammal. The whole Asterix bouncing takes six, count um SIX pages. SIX, three of which are at sea. This is followed by over a page of heavy mail gags. Then after all that we get one panel. It also reveals the biggest fundamental problem that the Uderzo scripted booked have, certainly the latter ones.

Anyway overall this story has its moments but I have to say I also found any number of the jokes misfired and at times I found it a little dull. Its an average comic elevated by good art and so gets 4 out Best name. Well I have to give it to Astronomix, especially after Augie made me realise the whole Asterix is the star gag… after all this time! This one gets 2.

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Giving them the same birthdays is just naff — and as Augie pointed out, inconsistent with Obelix and Co. That kind of thing can work, but it has to be done really well. Asterix losing his mind was a pale shadow of Getafix in Asterix and the Big Fight. The scene with the dolphin was terrible. The book had one excellent page in it, that was worthy of Goscinny.

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That was the one where the impossible task was being handed down through the chain of command. Very nicely done. Good pun names in Fastandfurius, Astronomix and Bogus Genius, but my favourite is Gymnasticapparatus. Re speculation on how Goscinny and Uderzo worked together, my understanding is that Goscinny wrote out a full script and then passed it on to Uderzo to illustrate.

This was very much like a screenplay: each frame set out individually with two columns — description of the visuals on the left and dialogue on the right. Taken at face value, this script is so precise that it leaves little room for the illustrator to have much input on story development or dialogue.

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I bet he took liberties where he felt he needed to, or that things loosened up as they went along. Asterix olympialaisissa Certificate: K-7 Adventure Comedy Family. Asterix ja viikingit Animation Adventure Comedy. Asterix the Gaul Certificate: S Animation Action Adventure. Gaul invaded! Asterix must save the Druid Getafix from the Romans.

Asterix and Obelix: Mansion of the Gods Certificate: K-7 Animation Adventure Comedy. Asterix Britanniassa Asterix and Cleopatra Certificate: S Animation Adventure Comedy. Asterix - gallialaisten sankari The Twelve Tasks of Asterix Certificate: K-8 Animation Adventure Comedy.

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Asterix in America Asterix ja suuri taistelu The druid is accidentally hit by a menhir thrown by Obelix and loses his mind and memory. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Christian Clavier Lucius Detritus Michel Galabru Prolix Pierre Palmade Assurancetourix Laetitia Casta Falbala Arielle Dombasle Mme Agecanonix Sim Bonnemine Gottfried John Caius Bonus Jean-Roger Milo Cetautomatix Jean-Jacques Devaux Edit Storyline The well-known little village from the Asterix and Obelix-comic books is in trouble: It is the last place not controlled by Rome.

Country: France Italy Germany. Language: French German. Also Known As: Asterix and Obelix vs. Budget: FRF,, estimated.

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  • Runtime: min. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Trivia In the movie it is established that Getafix's magic potion works only for "about ten minutes". Goofs When Obelix walks over the wooden gate he kicked down over its guard, it is clearly visible that there is a rack underneath to make it wobble like a seesaw. Frequently Asked Questions Q: What's that hip-hop song played during the film? These Frenchmen are crazy. Uderzo's collaborator may have died in , to the dismay of Asterix fans everywhere, but the books still keep coming.

    With mixed results, it has to be said.

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    I have lost count of the number of Asterix books there are now - the titles are no longer enticingly carved into Obelix's menhir on the back covers - but I think we're up in the 20s. It's still 50BC, and one small Gaulish village still hangs on against the Roman invader, aided not so much by their indomitable will as by the potion that confers indomitable strength upon those who take it.

    Asterix has always been popular here. When the Gauls' English cousin, Anticlimax, rowed across the Channel to ask for help, we learned that the British had been holding out against the invader without any potion - and when they were given some, and the barrel was lost in the upper reaches of the Thames, we found, with Asterix's help, that all we needed instead was a large cauldron of tea.