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Mathematical statistics

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Classifying phases of many-body systems using machine learning

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Vinas, N. Ness and M. (White DWARF based on FERMI DIRAC distribution in hindi)

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Mathematical Physics : School of Mathematics and Statistics

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Advertisement Hide. Front Matter Pages i-xxiii. Front Matter Pages Pages Spaces of Test Functions. Schwartz Distributions. Calculus for Distributions. Distributions as Derivatives of Functions. Tensor Products. Convolution Products. Applications of Convolution. Upon variation of these parameters the system exhibits different physical phases with qualitatively different features. Some of these phases can be distinguished by a discrete invariant that takes one value in one phase and another one in a second.

This observation provides a link to the mathematical field of topology which studies the properties of geometric objects, such as knots, up to continuous deformations.

Communications in Mathematical Physics

In view of this connection, one frequently speaks about topological phases of matter. There are various prominent examples which have only been discovered in the last couple of years - first theoretically, then also experimentally. Building on the example of Kitaev's so-called Majorana chain, a simple free fermion model of a 1D superconductor, the Vacation Scholar will develop some intuition about the associated topological invariant which, essentially, counts the number of Majorana edge modes. She or he will then apply these insights to a closely related system of so-called parafermions and try to derive a topological invariant for these.

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